The four "dimensions" of Fotona4D® refer to four distinct treatments.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Problems with unsightly veins are very common and their incidence increases significantly after the age of 40. The causes of varicose veins are widespread although heredity is the most common factor. Hormonal changes play a large part and this probably explains why more women suffer from varicose veins than men. Other contributory factors include obesity and prolonged standing.

Varicose veins occur when veins do not properly return blood from the lower leg to the heart. When the valves in the veins fail to function properly, blood leaks back through the valves and ows in the wrong direction. The blood over lls and distends the superficial veins under the skin, resulting in the bulging seen in varicose veins.

The walls and valves of veins are thin and elastic, and can stretch due to a variety of conditions including pregnancy, heredity
and age. When varicose veins become severe, it is referred to
as chronic venous insufficiency and the symptoms include aching pain, leg fatigue and heaviness,
all of which worsen as the day progresses. Left untreated, chronic venous insufficiency can cause ulceration, which can be very difficult to treat.

Laser technology now offers a new, less invasive procedure to remove varicose veins.

Advantages of endovenous laser treatment

  • Less Invasive
  • Lower Complication Rate
  • Well Tolerated by Patients
  • Quick Recovery Time
  • Good Cosmetic Results
  • No Scarring Effective on Large Truncal veins in the legs

“Combining the three Fotona skin treatment modes of SP Dynamis with the fourth, intraoral SmoothLiftinTM mode gives the physician a new, powerful non-invasive treatment. The procedure is typically painless, not requiring anesthesia, and can be done without any downtime. Moreover, it can be performed year round, including the summer months, without the risk of adverse events such as post-procedural hyperpigmentation. With Fotona4D®, our patients now have a multi- dimensional choice of safe and effective treatment options for their aesthetic needs.”

Adrian Gaspar (M.D)

Prima Piel Clinic in Mendoza, Argentina

“Together, these unique four laser modalities provide a full thickness penetration laser treatment that can really impress. You can treat superficially as well as down to the dermis, provide volumetric bulk heating, and then plump from the inside at just the right location for a synergistic effect. You get great results in one session, although as with other therapies, additional sessions provide additional improvement.”

M. Christine Lee (M.D)

The East Bay Laser and Skin Care Center in Walnut Creek, California

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